Ouidah Entre Mythe et Réalité 09 hours OF EXPERIENCE

VODÚN : Voodoo From A to Z

Vodoun is a traditional practice and religion that has its roots in the cultures of the Fon, Ewe, Adja and Yoruba peoples. Vodoun is a key element in the life of the communities that make up Benin.

09 hours
08:00 AM 08:00 AM
Ouidah Entre Mythe et Réalité
Experience led by Jeanne Paule
Passionate about the arts and Beninese culture

Ifàdù: Coming from the Yoruba community of Ilé Ifè in Africa (ifà), the fâ is a divination practiced on the entire Beninese coast to the center by the Yoruba, Fon, Adja, Ewé communities...
It represents for these communities the means par excellence to learn about its destiny, its past, the supernatural realities linked to its present and to have a vision of its future. The consultation of the Fâ allows the patient to make a general prospection in his life and all his being. This art is based on different principles and calls upon expertise in deciphering and interpreting signs of which only initiates (Bokonon) hold the formula.

Hwendo : Traditional practice and religion taking its fundamentals from the cultures of the Fon, Ewe, Adja and Yoruba peoples; Voodoo is a key element in the life of the communities that make up Benin.
The Vodun designates all the invisible and spiritual forces; the supernatural world as well as procedures for creating contact between humans and the supernatural. Today there are various practices of Vodun, which sometimes lead to confusion on the understanding of this religion.
What is Vodun? What is the Fa? Let's discover them through this day of spiritual experience in immersion between Hwendo and Ifàdù!


  • Meeting and Departure Point: Maison KOOABO, quartier les Cocotiers, Cotonou.

* Atlantic Department / City: Ouidah / Departure time: 08:30 a.m.

* Duration: 9 hours

* Theme: Cultural and culinary

* Number of people: 02 or more

* Mode of transport: Air-conditioned minibus

An immersive day in Ouidah to experience and understand the Vodun cult in its reality.

Included :

  • Breakfast
  • Transport
  • Private guide
  • Consultation
  • Visits to cult sites, singing, dancing and entertainment

  • Consultation Fâ
  • Visit to the Temple of the Pythons
  • Visit a Vodun Temple
  • Visit to the fetish market
  • Ritual dance
  • Lunch at a local maquis

  • Receive a refund for a cancellation made 7 days before the date of the experience.
  • Your experience can be canceled and refunded in full within 24 hours of purchase.

Wearing a cap, walking shoes, sun glasses and sunscreen is strongly recommended

Good to know : It is strongly recommended to carry out this visit with easy-to-remove shoes. Indeed, some activities require you to be barefoot.

Location of the experiment

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Receive a refund for cancellations made 7 days prior to the experience date. Your experience can be cancelled and refunded in full within 24 hours of purchase.

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